Bedarra Research Labs is a private industrial R&D lab whose mission is to seek out promising next-generation computing and communication technologies and apply them to creative solutions for emerging business problems.  We believe there is a need for truly novel and innovative industrial R&D, which falls outside of the mainstream investigations undertaken by existing corporate, government or university labs.

Since inception, Bedarra has remained focused on exploring unconventional technology solutions for emerging business problems. The company’s founders — Dave Thomas and Dr. Brian Barry — are widely recognized within the software community for their contributions to Development Tools, Object Oriented Solutions, Agile Development, and Open Source Software.

Ivy is Bedarra's analytics platform for building interactive, exploratory, data-driven solutions. Ivy combines an integrated IDE with high performance column store database technology and stunning visualizations to enable a truly collaborative analytics environment that supports near real-time analysis on massive volumes of streaming and/or historical data. 

Bedarra leverages a global network of technology experts to augment our core development teams and create cutting edge technology solutions.