Accelerated Product Delivery

Agility enables a business to respond rapidly to market opportunities and competition. Bedarra Accelerated Product Delivery is a focused, opportunistic, Lean, value-driven approach to streamline and accelerate product life cycles. Specific objectives will vary by business unit and product family.  In order to ensure effective improvement, Bedarra and your own executives will collaborate to set clear business objectives and then measure progress towards them throughout the program. 

Generic models of software development are really only useful for understanding the basic product life cycle.  In practice, each company and each product line offers unique challenges and opportunities for accelerating features, quality or time to market.  We take a pragmatic approach, and emphasize continuous learning and improvement rather than a single-minded focus on one set of practices or technologies. Being too fixated on systemic generic improvements, whether it be motivated by Agile, TQM, MBO, Lean, or Cloud, usually means missing high value opportunities because they don't fit with the chosen approach. Too often the focus becomes doing the same things better, rather than doing them differently, automating them, or simply eliminating them altogether. Out of the box thinking is often the key to effective accelerated product delivery. 

Our team consists of cross-industry domain experts from around the world with decades of experience, spanning a wide range of proven and emerging practices and technologies.  We bring thought leaders in Component Based Software; Virtual Machines; Customer Centered Product Design; Lean and Agile; Object and Functional Programming; Cloud; and Open Source. Members of our team have hands-on experience as executives, managers, product designers, architects, and developers with global companies.  We have led corporate due diligence activities, advised Boards, and played formative roles in creating Open Source foundations and successful software start-ups. We have experience innovating in legacy environments using new practices and emerging technologies.  We will draw on our experience to provide targeted mentoring and coaching for executives, managers, designers, developers and operators. The specific experts engaged will depend on your industry and the areas on which you choose to focus, and will be applied in short, high-impact engagements, to maximize benefits while controlling costs. 

Your Accelerated Product Delivery journey with Bedarra begins with a quick diagnostic review of your current state, after which we will recommend a road map and specific improvements in both Business and Engineering Practices that will have tangible impact in each quarter. 

Bedarra Accelerated Delivery Process Diagram

Bedarra's Accelerated Product Delivery Process

Business Practice improvements will aim to ensure that the right thing is built, using the right technology, following industry best practices. Typical areas covered include Product Strategy; Portfolio Management; Envisioning; Roadmaps; Tangible Requirements; Program and Feature Planning; and Estimation and Staffing.

Engineering Practice improvements will accelerate development and reduce the “dependency hell” common to software products. Typical practices include Agile and Continuous Delivery; Leveraging Open Source; Example/Test/Data Driven Development; Micro-Service Architectures; and Object-Oriented and Functional Development and Delivery.

Our large clients always require a documented process, hence we work with them to help refine their current governance, often incorporating portions of our own Lean and Agile-in-the-Large Process.  Lean and Agile is a fully documented process that covers the entire product life cycle from conception to deployment.  It draws on established Lean and Agile principles and practices, as seen through the lens our own product development experience at OTI, IBM, Eclipse and Bedarra.