Data Driven Solutions

The real-time enterprise talked about for decades is finally a reality, made possible by massive amounts of storage, memory, bandwidth and CPU power.  Bedarra Data Driven Solutions enable enterprises to unlock and fuse diverse public and internal datasets and data streams, which are too often siloed in different platforms and/or business units.  We focus on providing end-user solutions that are easily deployable to both analytical and operational environments. 

Our team has three decades of database and data analysis experience spanning mainframes to embedded systems.  Our data experience includes the full range of legacy technologies — hierarchical, network, relational, object — as well as state of the art distributed file systems and NoSQL stores.  We have worked with advanced analytic computing environments for command and control; network management; and end user query and visualization. 

Our specialists have expertise in data analytics; database and repository technology; customized tool development; functional, array and object languages; statistical modeling and simulation; decision theory and uncertain reasoning; high performance ingest and serialization; efficient database refactoring; end user query facilities; file and granular data security; trusted monitors; and visualization.  

Ivy Interactive Analytics Example

Bedarra's Ivy analytics platform allows data analysts, experts and scientists to think, compute and see Big Data.