Ivy: An Interactive Collaborative Analytics Environment

Ivy provides programmers, data scientists and analysts with the option of using a more traditional programming environment or a spreadsheet interface to program, query and analyze their datasets.

Interactive Line Editor and Integrated Debugger

For those who prefer a more traditional environment, Ivy offers an interactive REPL-like line editor coupled with an integrated debugger, console and scratchpad. Using these tools, users can interactively build up queries and scripts to perform analysis or develop their own domain-specific libraries using the kdb+ query and programming language. The video below provides you with a brief tour of the overall environment, line editor and debugger:

Big Data Spreadsheet

For those individuals who prefer a more data-centric interface, Ivy provides the Big Data Spreadsheet. Using the sheet, analysts can load and work with billions of records in a non-linear format. They can work incrementally with their datasets performing analytical computations and building up queries. And they can move seamlessly between analysis and visualization using the Visual Inspector. The video below provides you with a quick overview of how an analyst might use the sheet: