Self-Serve Data Preparation Without Programming

Ivy 's Self-Serve Data Preparation Tools makes it easy to import, transform and store huge datasets without programming.

Importing Datasets

Ivy's Importer Wizard allows you to import your data sets without programming. Analysts transfer CSV, JSON, XML, and ODBC/JDBC datasets using a point-and-click interface. Once a file is selected, columns names and types are auto-discovered. Naturally, the analyst can decide whether or not to change these properties before importing the dataset. The importer also allows you to sanitize column names should the analyst wish to use the dataset with the programming language.

Ivy Import Wizard Screen

Ivy Transformer Wizard

Using the Transformer Wizard, analysts can make additional modifications to the data file without having to program. Analysts can rename columns, replace nulls, update values based on filter criteria, filter out records prior to import, set keys, set column attributes, change types and more.

Ivy Transform Wizard Screen

Self-Serve Import and Transformation Example

In this video, we walk you through the import and transform process: