Ivy Installation and Total Cost of Ownership

When compared against other Big Data solutions, Ivy and kdb+ dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership in terms of hardware capital, installation and support costs. While kdb+ supports parallel processing across cores and distributed processing across clusters, in many cases, the use of distributed processing is unnecessary.

Much more analysis with far less hardware

In the example below, over 100TB of data are stored on a single box containing 16 cores and 256GB of RAM. The smallest day query took 18ms to run and returned a working set of 35M records and 5M trades. The largest day query took 290ms to run and returned a working set of 610M records and 30M trades. When compared against other technology implementations, kdb+ continues to outperform the field.


Installation in under a minute!

Installing Ivy and kdb+ is far easier than most conventional Big Data installations. You simply run one installation script and start the server. Quite literally, your analysts can be up and running in under a minute. And since Ivy runs in an HTML 5 web browser, no client installation is required. Simply give your analysts the URL and they are ready to go. The video below demonstrates the Ivy installation process, logging into the Ivy server, creating a workspace and generating a 100 million record dataset in less than a minute.